Would you like to be assigned some special Tasks to complete for the Princess?

Tasks can involve all sorts of things – dressing in a certain way, posing in a certain way, performing in a certain way, using toys in a certain way, exposing yourself in a certain way, cumming in a certain way …

What they all have in common is that you take a picture of yourself doing each Task and send it to me!

Before I decide what Tasks to assign you, I ask you to fill out an assessment form. This asks you to give me some outline details of your personal circumstances – the amount of privacy you have, the toys you own, the clothes and accessories you have access to, and, of course, your taste – so that I can firstly see whether you are suitable for my Tasks game, and second, so that I can choose Tasks for you that you will find fulfilling.

There is a charge of £10 for filling in the assessment form, and it contains a Task all of its own! Message me on Twitter for details.

When I have sufficient information I make a personalised selection of Tasks for you to complete. Each Task is illustrated by a picture, and contains full instructions for you to follow. Once you’ve completed the Task, you take a picture and send it to me!

Tasks are available in groups of 3 (£20) of 6 (£30).

And if you’d like to make it a little spicier, you can add a ‘twist’ of Blackmail for an extra £10. I will collect some sensitive personal information and hold the threat of publication in reserve to make sure you complete the Tasks in a timely fashion!

You will not be allowed to fail me!