Talking is good.

My Therapy sessions offer a constructive, supportive, safe in which to conduct a deep exploration of your sexual life-journey – your experiences, your desires, your fantasies.

The aim is to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and what motivates you sexually. Why do you like the things you do? And what can you do to realise some of the desires you have which might have remained suppressed or hidden until now? 

If you are interested in pursuing Therapy, contact me on

The first thing will be for you to fill in a detailed questionnaire, which costs £20.

Some people find filling in the questionnaire helps them solve issues – or raises themes they don’t want to explore any further.

However, if you would like to pursue Therapy on a one-to-one basis, sessions cost £60 for one hour, and are conducted over DM so you will have a written record of what we discuss. This is a great prompt to reflection and further self-discovery.

Everything we discuss is, of course, confidential.

Does the idea interest you? Drop me a line and we can discuss how this might work for you.