Sometimes a woman knows that the man she married is no man at all.

So it was with Udo. For twenty years he harboured deep desires to wear rubber and latex dresses – but tried to hide it.

He failed – and there was no way she could live with that.

So she left.

Now Udo lives alone in his flat in Aurich, N Germany, and can dress as much as he likes.

What’s more he has discovered there are other aspects of the feminine role that appeal to him – such as opening his mouth to please the occasional cock that some better and stronger man shoves in his face.

He’s still telling himself he isn’t gay – but how long before this big titted slut is on all fours begging the man behind her to fuck him with his huge hard cock?

It’s inevitable ….

How may I be of service?

Mouth open for Cock

Locked and desperate for sex!

Kinky Boots!