Is it time the world knew about the real you? The you that has been kept secret so long?

I offer several exciting exposure packages on my site for those who want to let the world in to their secret lives.

You can have a short term exposure with a caption picture for £15. That can last one or two hours and give you a flavour of what true exposure would be like. The adrenalin rush is like nothing else ….

Alternatively, you can go for permanent exposure (£30). I will caption your picture and it will remain on the site until you literally beg to have it taken down. Of course maybe you’ll be so happy with the result that you won’t ever want it taken down!

As a special feature on this website I am starting a new form of ‘enhanced’ exposure, which is where you get a full page to yourself on my Wall of Shame, with up to 6 pictures of your beautiful self up there for all to see. Do you think you could stand the shame? The game costs £40 if you want to find out …

Finally, I have what I call my Exposure Game. I will ask you three deeply intrusive questions about your sexual experiences and you have to (a) answer them truthfully and (b) provide photographic evidence to back your answer up! So I might ask you whether you are an experienced cocksucker, and if you reply ‘yes’, you’ll be expected to send me a picture of you in action like a good slut. The fun doesn’t end there. As part of the game, the three questions, with their answers and attendant pictures are then posted here on my website for all to see. The game costs £30: are you tempted?

So, if you want to be exposed, why not drop me a line?