This is Tom. From PA. He is a lovely guy but he has a weakness. Women’s feet. Specifically, the feet of his female friends.

He stalks them online. He saves pictures of them in summer attire with their feet on full display and then masturbates in his room to the images. It’s his nasty, stick secret.

But there’s more. Due to some poor judgment on his part, he shared some of the images with the Princess. Now the Princess has a whole stack of lovely blackmail material with which to keep poor Tom in line!

He knows that if he every gets too uppity the Princess will simply publish all the pictures (and of course the Princess has forced Tom to share more and more images) online – on a site like this where there’s absolutely nothing Tom can do to make her take them down.

Poor teeny Tom! Here are some more images for you all to enjoy!

Each image is available for purchase, uncensored, at £25.