I love finding blogs on Tumblr where someone has reposted a lot of my own pictures & captions with other material. This collection is from https://masterlooking4u.tumblr.com/ and gives a very clear picture of what kind of Master this man is. He likes His girls obedient, that’s for sure, and chaste: He is very very strict about this, as the posts on His page show.

He believes that Sissies are there to serve men, either a single Master or a group full of Men in a party situation, as a sexual plaything or as a prostitute. It makes no difference as far as He is concerned: the Sissy is inferior – a slave – and it serves as directed.

One of the features about Him that I like best is that He is thoroughly prepared to use Blackmail to get what He wants. a A lot of the pictures He has chosen to include in His blog show the moment when a Sissy realises that everything has changed – that what was an innocent flirtation has suddenly become something much more serious – and not in a good way!

Ultimately, He is all about ownership. He is a proper Master!