People come to Candyland for all sorts of reasons. Some want to browse through the archives of the Princess’s work and gain some inspiration.

Others come looking for a closer relationship with the Princess herself. They hope to be tried and tested, held in thrall, and finally accepted into the Princess’s court.

Whether you are a bird of passage just visiting Candyland, a sojourner wishing to stay a little longer, or an acolyte who hopes never to leave the Princess’s fascinating realm, there is a membership package to suit you!

Simple membership

The simple membership packages offers access to a wealth of content including the regularly updated blog featuring the Princess’s latest work. There are also nice little challenges to enjoy: perform well and you might find yourself featured on the Princess’s pages!

Enhanced Membership

For those who would like a more involved and personal relationship with the Princess, with access not only to the full Candyland archive but also regular Tasks, challenges and games to keep you focused, try the enhanced membership package.

If you aspire to be Owned by the Princess, this Membership level is an essential first step!