Do you like taking a chance? Does risk turn you on, make you hot?

Then maybe the Roulette game is for you.

It lasts for 4 days, and begins with me posting a heavily pixelated picture of you on my Twitter page. As each day goes past, a portion of the pixels are removed, so the danger of exposure ramps up as the week progresses. On day 4, the original picture is posted and the exposure is complete!

You can, however, stop the roulette wheel spinning at any point by ‘buying back’ your original picture. If it all gets too much, and you suddenly decide that you don’t want thousands and thousands of strangers (plus maybe some people who actually know you) seeing you dressed up in Sissy finery or playing with your nasty sex toys (or both) – then you have a chance to buy back your freedom, to save your reputation, to ensure that your nasty little secret stays …. secret.

So, what does it cost?

Well, you pay an initial fee of £30 and then send me a nice clear picture of yourself in some compromising position. I will then prepare the 3 pixelated versions of the picture and schedule them to appear on my Twitter feed over each of the next 4 days, with the original picture appearing on Day 4.

It’s important that you recognise this: as soon as you sign up for this game, the process of exposure over the four days is automatic. Unless you intervene, the original picture will appear on Day 4.

The other thing you need to be aware of is the buy-back rates. It’s very simple: it’s a cumulative £10 a day on top of a basic £30 take-down fee.

So if after the first post has appeared you immediately change your mind then you can pay me £30 and it will be removed. Wait till 2 pictures are up and it’s £40; 3 days £50; and 4 days £60.

If you go the whole way and later want it removed, then you will obviously so desperate that I can exploit you a little bit more, so the take-down fee is £100.

And you’ll have to beg of course. I do like hearing my subbies beg. I’m mean aren’t I.

The Princess recognises that everyone has a different threshold of shame, a different appetite for risk. So although the picture should ideally be very recognisably you, I’m prepared to discuss slightly more anonymous pictures if you simply want to experience the thrill of the game.

Equally, there will be some people who love the danger and will want to do more than simply have their face exposed: they’ll want to put their ID etc up there alongside it. If you want that, then it clearly involves more preparatory work for the Princess and so we can negotiate a special start up fee.

So what is your appetite, little one? Do you want the Princess to set the wheel spinning?