From Oulu, Finland: Twitter: @cdprettyjane

Sometimes it’s a real pleasure to expose a girl to the world who just wants and needs to be seen for what she truly is. Only through exposure can a girl be left with no choice but to fulfil her destiny.

Jane is such a girl.

When she shared her secret stash of pictures on Googledrive I was interested to see what she’d been up to. I duly went along and had a look, but imagine my surprise and disappointment when what I saw was not the hardcore festival of whoring I’d been hoping for but an attractive girl still stuck inside her house playing with a dildo.

This has to change.

Jane is clearly a cock-slut in the making. At 42 she is in her prime as fuckmeat.

Hopefully, with exposure, everyone in the town of Oulu in Finland will soon know the truth: that the person they know as Jani is in fact Jane, and that she deserves to be treated as a common whore.

Enjoy the attention Jane!