Chastity is such good discipline. It makes you more obedient, more docile, more compliant. If you wear a device for long enough you’ll do anything – ANYTHING – your key holder requires of you. Lengthy chastity is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

My chastity game requires you to own a device and to have access to the numbered plastic tamper-proof tags that fit through the lock. That way I can be sure that you haven’t broken your vows!

The chastity game comes in two forms – with or without a ‘twist’ of Blackmail.

At the outset we agree the period for which you will remain locked for me, and then you will take a picture each day to prove you are still complying.

If you break your vow of chastity I will be displeased: and this is where the twist of Blackmail comes in. If we are plying the game in this form I will collect a certain amount of personal information from you at the outset – and if you break your vows, I’ll publish it.

Think of it as an incentive to be good!

The chastity game costs £25 a week, or £30 a week with the twist of Blackmail.

Interested? Why not drop me a line and begin your service to me …