Isn’t she beautiful? This is Katie from the southern-most of the Carolinas.

I think everyone will agree she makes a very pretty girl – a maid any Mistress would be proud to have working in her home. The kind of maid a Mistress might turn over to her male guests for their private entertainment after dinner.

What is more amazing about Katie, however, is that she is such a late developer. Her discovery of her feminine side is a very recent thing. She was 22 before she tried on her first pair of panties – a pair left lying around by her older sister.

But as soon as she felt the way the material clung to her and moulded itself in that unfamiliar but perfect way all Sissies know and love, she was addicted. Her little clitty got hard, and, well, the rest is in these pictures.

She’s still young, and there will doubtless be many hurdles for her to cross before she attains womanhood proper – not least her poor girlfriend who is entirely innocent of Katie’s true desires! – but if she perseveres, what a doll she will be!