How do you identify the girls that are real whores? The ones who have no barriers, no limits – the ones who will genuinely do anything?

The answer is that they are the ones who volunteer their information. Take Tom for example. He write me this paragraph:

My details are: Tom Chapman, Nottingham NG5 1DT,, +44 7796 003404 – you can use any of the details you wish.

And just to emphasise the point, he sent me a link to an exposure card that was already posted on his instagram page:

Below is a selection of pictures of Tom which show him ready to serve in whatever way required – as a sultry courtesan, a good-time-‘girl’ up for a quickie round the back, or the depraved and seedy tranny slut who’ll be a real man to fuck him and spend his seed all over him.

How would you use Tom?

Long long legs … like a dancer!
Always ready to pop down an alleyway … of there’s a Cock to be serviced!
Maybe Sir would like something a little spicier?
Or perhaps Sir would like a shameless Tranny fag?
Maybe Sir wishes to whip his slave’s balls?