Would you like to become the property of the Princess? A slave in Candyland?

If you go down this route you need to understand you are opening the door for me to make demands on you: you will after all become my property.

In the early stages of such a relationship I normally insist that anyone seeking Ownership completes 6 Tasks a week and sends me nice clear pictures of them being completed. That provides a nice a nice little archive of highly compromising material for me which you will have voluntarily given up to me: I can do what I like with it.

And what I like is having slaves who do what I tell them.

As my Ownership of you deepens I will begin to demand other things – periods of chastity for example, or sessions where I force you to divulge sensitive information which gives me even more control.

Maybe I’ll use the material you send me to start you on a path of prostitution. Would you like that?

Or maybe it will be something else. Who knows?

I only discuss ownership with those who have taken out enhanced membership to my site.

One word of warning though: be careful what you wish for!