Ownership isn’t for everybody.

It means allowing the Princess to take over your life. 

It means you will live at her beck and call, and your life will be subject to certain inviolable restrictions.

Your right to privacy will come to an end.  You will share with the Princess all the information about you that She wishes to know.

Naturally a portion of everything you earn will be transferred into Her keeping.  

You will do as you are told, when you are told, and the whole arrangement will be backed up by Blackmail.

A lot of people tell me they want me to own them, but the reality of what I’ve set out above scares them.  They don’t understand what ownership means or have what it takes to become owned property.

Do you?

I have no time for timewasters.

If you are serious about become my owned property you will need to prove it from the outset.  

An initial tribute of £50 will get you the application form, and there you will discover all the details I require.

Even then it won’t be too late to turn back.  It’s only at the moment that you press submit and return your completed application form to me that this game moves to its next level.