Some girls are born with a taste for Cock. A good Blackmailer senses it – almost scents it. He sees below the surface of His victim and knows just what He can make her do – what He can turn her into.

A slut like Ivana was easy to turn. She tried to act all prim and proper, dress in bland and boring ‘secretarial’ outfits, like she was trying to attract a rich executive.

But a good Blackmailer knows what Executives really like – and what they’ll pay for.

Executives het to the top by being ruthless – stamping on weaker people as they make their way up the ladder. How sweet to have a person ready-broken for you by someone else and provided for you to use any way you please!

And so that’s what Ivana’s become. At one level her dream’s come true: she’s dating executives – but just not in the way she’d imagined!